Daniel Juventus and Friends

1. Daniel Juventus:

  • A special boy with six fingers on his right hand, including an extra thumb.
  • 13 years old, born in London, England.
  • Brown hair and green eyes.
  • Grows up as a lonely and pitiful child, not knowing much about his parents.
  • Lives a rather dull life in a mansion in Kensington.
  • Everything changes when he discovers that he is the chosen one and is entrusted with the responsibility of saving the world from evil forces by the Ankh key.

2. Edur Wolder:

  • A mysterious character who becomes Daniel’s best friend when they meet at Veriares Wizard Academy.
  • Possesses wizard blood, understands and masters magic, as well as the workings of the wizarding world.
  • This character is calm and handles problems intelligently and scientifically. In contrast to the main character, who always acts based on emotions and inner strength.
  • Endur is a constant companion who always provides good ideas and solutions in times of danger and urgency for Daniel.
  • 13 years old, starts his life in Endivary – the wizarding world.
  • Endur’s background is very mysterious, he may be much older than he appears, but this has not been revealed much.
  • Black hair and brown eyes.

3. Vinea and Silentium:

Two clever and resourceful girls in Daniel’s group of four.

Vinea and Silentium are close friends with Daniel and Endur. They provide valuable support to Daniel in solving difficult problems and finding suitable solutions, thanks to the vast library resources of Oldbenfors.

Vinea Flores

  • 13 years old, born in Manchester, England.
  • Chestnut hair.
  • No glasses.
  • Brown eyes.

Silentium Zanella

  • 13 years old, born in Florence, Italy.
  • Red-orange hair.
  • Blue eyes.

4. The Professors of Oldbenfors Academy:

  • Professor Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Professor Isaac Newton
  • Professor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Professor Alfred Nobel

And many other famous people.


These brilliant professors, each specializing in a different field, guide their students towards new heights in both character development and talent cultivation. They are depicted as Europeans from the 17th and 18th centuries, dressed in classical attire.

5. EV:

King of the Kingdom of Light – Havillars.

Appears at critical moments to assist Daniel, but never reveals his true identity.

Plays a key role in Daniel’s journey.

Grants Daniel the Ankh key for his mission to save the world.
6. Andolfa:

The 7th wizard of Astengor but has left and sided with the kingdom of Havillars to fight against evil.

7. The Juventus family:

Old Anles Juventus: Daniel’s grandfather who lost his wife and lives with his grandson Daniel.

Ferdinand and Elizabeth, Daniel’s parents: their whereabouts remain a mystery throughout Daniel’s long journey.

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