Daniel Juventus and Louis Alvarez-the World in the Mirror (Book 2)

Daniel returns to Oldbenfors Academy for his second year, haunted by the events of his summer vacation.

This time, he and his friends are drawn into a mystery involving a famous mirror made in 1743, which bears a terrible curse that has been wreaking havoc across Europe.

Trapped inside the world behind the mirror, Daniel and his friends must face a series of dangerous challenges and puzzles.

They encounter the Frozen Queen in the kingdom of Illusias, and Daniel learns valuable lessons through a series of unexpected events.

With its rich imagination and fascinating exploration of scientific principles, Daniel Juventus and the World in the Mirror is a thrilling adventure that will keep readers captivated from beginning to end.

Join Daniel on his journey and discover the secrets of the world behind the mirror!

Daniel Juventus and the World in the Mirror is coming soon…

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