1. Eser Wolder the Witch:

The main antagonist.

Master manipulator, always maneuvering the other characters according to her plan.

Intelligent and cunning, hides her true intentions with a polite demeanor.

Titles: Headmistress of Veriares Witch Academy in Endivary, Endur’s adoptive mother

Physical Appearance:

  • Orange hair
  • Always wears black gloves
  • Dark green eyes
  • Wears a witch’s hat with a pair of pheasant tail feathers attached
  • Wears a black cloak and a black fitted dress
  • Wears high-heeled shoes with pointed toes

2. Rumpelstiltskin:

The Mad Mage

A powerful and cunning character, whose every move reveals his scheming nature.

Mysterious and difficult to understand.

Complex personality, with multiple personas.

Physical Appearance:

  • Dark brown hair
  • Dark green eyes
  • Long, black fingernails
  • Rough, oily skin
  • Wears a crocodile leather suit
  • ears high-heeled boots with pointed toes

3. Dzărum:

The Dark Lord, a demon whose face is often hidden behind a hood.

The most powerful being in the wizarding world and seeks to seize all power of the kingdom of Havillars.

This character is often manipulated by many forces, and he is a front for the dark wizards to carry out their plots.

4. The Freemasonry:

An independent wizarding association with great power, always wanting to use their power to support Dzărum to seize the Ankh key.

5. Aesr Wolder and the 6 wizards of Astengor:

Aesr Wolder is Eser’s brother, a special supporter of Eser in his dark plots.

The 6 wizards of Astengor include:

Dolosa: deceit, deception

Invidia: jealousy, envy

Spolio: theft

Cruor: murder

Pravus: depravity

Mors: death.

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