Daniel Juventus and Mona Lisa-the Keeper (Book 3)

Imagine standing in front of the famous Mona Lisa painting and having a conversation with her. Imagine her revealing terrible secrets to you.

That’s exactly what happens to Daniel Juventus in Book 3.

A shocking incident occurs at a mansion in Kensington, and a mysterious man provides Daniel with disturbing information.

The adventure continues as Daniel and his friends travel on the Flying Dutchman ship to the Kingdom of Everlasting Dawn.

Hidden behind the Mona Lisa painting are magical secrets that Daniel is determined to uncover.

To unlock the world within, Daniel and his friends must find the glass shards of the Tudor rose that Professor Da Vinci hid in famous landmarks across Europe.

The journey culminates in a confrontation with the wizarding world, and the revelations made by Mona Lisa leave Daniel stunned.

Join Daniel on his quest to unravel the mysteries of the Mona Lisa and discover the truth about the world of magic.

Daniel Juventus and Mona Lisa – the Keeper is coming soon…

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